Wednesday, 21 August 2013


On the morning of Friday, 16 August 2013, 17 of us left Pg airport for KL to meet up with 3 others, and from there we're all bound for Bandung, West Java. The occasion was to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. Farid and Kat, once again, you've brought us all together to a foreign land for a great vacation. As years pass us by, we'll look back with fond memories to these joyous and fun-filled moments.

As Chai Loy has his camera and many others were also shooting stills, I did more videos than stills. Here are some of my PHOTO SHOOTS:

Fri morning, at the Pg Airport:

Sat evening, at the Night Club behind the hotel:

Sun evening, in the hotel waiting for transport to the B'Day Dinner:
Pretty Maids, all in a row - dressed to KILL

Applauding the arrival of the B'Day Boy - fortunately not in his B'Day Suit...

Back to the hotel for the Event Performance:
B'Day Boy with the Dance Troupe - Look how happy he is!

Here are some of the VIDEO CLIPS (only the smaller files could be uploaded):

  Fri morning, leaving the Pg Airport

The walk up to the hut restaurant - you guys see Ah Ghee anywhere?

Dinner, video1

Dinner, video2

The dessert

The walk down from the Restaurant at the top, video 1

The walk down from the Restaurant at the top, video2

The walk down from the Restaurant at the top, video3

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4


Video 6

 Video 7

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

 Cake cutting on Sun night at hotel

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hua Hin Bike Week 29-30 Nov 2012

For the above event, I followed a small group of riders from Butterworth - 5 bikes altogether. We started from the mainland at about 9 pm on Wed 28 Nov and spent the night in the Thai border town of Danok. Our plan was to avoid the congestion at the immigration in the morning.

The next morning, after breakfast, we rode towards Hua Hin about 820 km north. Knowing that we would not be able to reach our destination by nightfall, we rode as far as we could, stopping only for fuel, drinks and food, and also during heavy downpour which occurred only once. By dusk, we reached Chumpon (280km from Hua Hin) where we stayed the night.
Some photo shoots on the way up north:

At McDonald before the ride, left to right: ParkSu, Halim(who couldn't make it this time) Omar, Siti Aishah, May

 On arrival in Danok, a late dinner. Left to right: May, ParkSu, Omar, Siti, Rosli, Din, Aini

Left to right: Rosli, Siti, Omar, ParkSu

Cup of coffee to keep alert to continue on - Aini and Din

Omar and Siti

Rosli and ParkSu

 David and May


A shipwreck caused by the 2004 Tsunami?

Photo shoots in Hua Hin:
In Hua Hin we stayed in G House, pre-booked by Rosli - value for money - 1000TB Fri and 1100TB Sat

At Hua Hin beach:

At the Floating Market, Hua Hin:



Weekend Entertainment at a Hua Hin Mall

Coming back, I rode alone, leaving Hua Hin early Sun 2 Dec morning at 5.15 am local time to avoid unnecessary afternoon sun. I headed south for Surathani, 460 km away - a reasonable distance to ride for the day. I was hampered only once by passing showers so I stopped at a gas station so as not to have to don on the rain gear.We reached Surathani about 1 pm and checked into the Bunjung Buri Hotel which I had pre-booked online for a DeLuxe room at 900 TB nett including breakfast - great value for money. One attraction in Surathani is the seafood outlets at Pak Nam Tapi (by the River Tapi).
The next day I rode to Hatyai, 360 km away to stay the night before returning to Pg the following day on Tue. It was a great ride!
Bunjong Buri Hotel, Surathani

Sea food at Pak Nam Tapi, Surathani

Friday, 28 December 2012

3 Nation Ride - Krabi, Thailand on 3 - 6 Oct, 2012

On 3rd October, my son Eugene riding his Kawasaki Z1000 and I on my Yamaha Fazier FZ1 (1000cc) with my wife, May riding pillion, ventured to Krabi, Thailand for the 3 Nation Charity Ride 2012, an event organised by one of the Singapore Riding Teams.

We started off from Penang on 3rd (Wed) morning, spending the night in Hatyai. Early Thu morning (0630 hrs local time) we headed for Krabi. The route northwards from Hatyai along Highway 4 to the Pathalung Junction was about 95 km. Being that early there was no food or drinks available even at the bigger gas stations which do have food stalls and cafe sheds, but these usually open only for lunch onwards. So if one needs a hot drink to keep alert for the early morning ride, one would be well advised to bring along packet drinks. At some stations there are 7-eleven stores that provide hot water for the instant cup noodles they sell.

On reaching the Pathalung junction, instead of following Highway 4 and turning westwards towards Trang and then past Wang Wiset and then Nuea Khlong and Krabi, we continued northwards along Highway 41 up to the Thung Song junction and on along Highway 41 for another about 25 km before turning westwards onto Route 4019 towards Thung Yai (TY). At TY there is a cross junction with traffic lights. We headed straight and then at a T-junction, we turned right onto Route 4156 towards Khao Phanom (KP). Approaching KP we reach another T-junction where we turned left towards Nuea Khlong (NK).

I have detailed above my route to Krabi for the benefit of those travellers to Krabi or Phuket who wish to take this route instead of the usual route pass Trang and Wang Wiset on to NK. I now compare the distances and the riding conditions between these two routes.
The distance from the Pathalung junction to the Thung Song junction (where there is a Shell - take the underpass) is about 90 km along the 2 or 3-lane Highway 41. Ride on for about another 25 km before you turn westwards onto Route 4019 and Route 4156. These two routes (4019 and 4156) are about 55 km across nice countryside. They are not as winding and congested as the other route bypassing Trang. On reaching KP (having taken the left turn at the 2nd T-junction, you ride another 22 km of straight country road to reach NK. The total distance for this route is, from the Pathalung junction to the TY junction about 113 km along Highway 41, and another 77 km of country road to reach NK, making a total of about 190 km.

The distance from the Pathalung junction to Trang where I stop for dim sum is 54 km of narrow winding road. From this point to NK is another 113 km of winding, hilly terrain which is usually congested and is a problem overtaking. This makes a total of 167 km. So the difference is about 23 km further using the Thung Song route. But I prefer this route, all things considered. It may even be a quicker one.

Below is a road map showing the 2 points from the Pathalung junction to Nuea Khlong where you can chart out the two routes described above.

In Krabi we stayed in Aonang Beach which I find a more interesting area than the town, which is about 15 km away. We checked into Aonang Beach Terrace which I had pre-booked online - deluxe room on 1st floor at only RM110 nett with breakfast. Here are some photo shots:

No covered carpark - convenient place for our machines, in front of reception

Eugene in his de luxe room

 Panoramic view of Aonang Beach


At the Black Crab Viewpoint in Krabi town where the dinner was held

 One of the mean machines

Renting one of the local bikes to move around - 150TB for 24 hrs.

 The powered boats that take tourists island hopping (half day) - charges from 1,000TB to 1,500TB